Question: A recruiter from your organization called me today and said he was referred by someone, but could not give me a name, why is that?

Answer:  In many cases, the individual that referenced your name is currently being represented by us.  If you have an interest in the same type of relationship, we would offer you the exact same confidentiality.  We hope you can understand this practice. 

Unlike many other staffing firms, we do what is known as "good old fashioned recruiting".  If someone gave us your name, it is because we asked them to identify a person who stands above the rest in your market place.  You have earned the respect of your peers and they thought enough of you, to tell us.  Quite a compliment!

Respect and Dignity
Our recruiters successfully satisfy the needs of our clients and candidates by treating them as professionals with dignity and respect. Every candidate has the ability to be our next client and every client could be our next candidate. With this in mind, we do the right thing! You will be able to tell the difference, that is our promise to you.
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